I understand that this is a rolling membership and that my debit arrangement will continue on a monthly basis until I give Movement Enhanced 7 days notice from the next payment, of my intent to end my online membership. 

Acknowledgment of Risks, Injury & Obligations
I acknowledge that I am in good health, capacity and do not have any known health conditions that may restrict me in participating in the group training at Movement Enhanced. I acknowledge and accept the risk of injury from club activities and using any club equipment can be significant, including the potential for permanent injury and death. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown. 

Release and Indemnity
I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility.

I AGREE TO RELEASE AND INDEMNIFY Movement Enhanced, its servants and agents, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.