Group Training

Our Training Method 

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Barbell Strength

The majority of our sessions will start with a barbell lift. We focus on mastering the basics like squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press. These exercise are best for developing strength and building a strong foundation. 

Accessory Strength  

To compliment our barbell lift, we focus on accessory exercises to target weak points in the body. This is the time we correct imbalances with different types of unilateral and isolation exercises.


This component is designed to develop the energy system we are focusing on. Basically we manipulate the work to rest ratio with a bunch of fun toys that will ramp up the heart rate and develop fitness.

Our Membership

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Unlimited Group Training / Week
6 Days of Programming 
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Our Timetable

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Why train with us?

We provide highly personalised group strength and conditioning training.

Our balanced training programs are developed by university qualified exercise scientists, using up to date research to assist in developing your strength, reducing body fat, improving flexibility and increasing overall fitness. 

The programs are highly sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple: to live long and well you must train smart, eat well, prioritise recovery and surround yourself with like minded people.

We believe in a safe and sustainable approach to strength and conditioning.

Our training programs are constantly varied, appropriately periodised, specific to your personal training needs and always challenge you to be the healthiest, fittest and mentally strongest version of yourself.

Our Membership Options

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Casual Drop In 

$25 per Session

For those traveling or unable to train with us full-time. Casual drop in sessions are available for any class on our schedule. 

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Unlimited Classes

$69 per week

Have access to every class offered in our schedule, all run by our expertly skilled coaches.  Join community and take your performance to the next level. 

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