30 Jan

Lisa Fitzgerald

What I like most about training at Movement Enhanced is the strong, supportive culture of the gym with members who are like a second family.  I trully know I'm benefitting greatly from being coached by knowledgeable, supportive and understanding industry experts like Ben and Blayze.

30 Nov

Philippa Dickey

If you are serious about bettering yourself this is the place to do it - irrespective of your starting point. Ben is so experienced and passionate about his coaching and every one of his clients is kicking goals. Ben has created a fun and motivating environment and we all feel like a supportive community that loves seeing new clients come on board.

29 Nov

Jordan Dozzi

I seriously believe that starting at Movement Enhanced will bring a whole new positivity and energy to anyone’s lifestyle, no matter what their fitness levels or age. Over recent years I've trained at numerous private and public gyms both casually and at a professional sporting level. You just can't get the quality that Movement Enhanced brings to your training experience anywhere else.

11 Oct

David Burello

What separates Movement Enhanced from other gyms is the personalisation and team atmosphere. Although we all have different goals and are at different stages of the journey, there’s a real sense that we’re all in this thing together. The coaches know you by name and it has been a pleasure to form long lasting friendships with other members – you definitely won’t find any egos here. The gym has an almost family or community feel and is incredibly welcoming, which definitely helps for the mornings where you’re struggling to find the motivation.

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