11 Oct

David Burello

What separates Movement Enhanced from other gyms is the personalisation and team atmosphere. Although we all have different goals and are at different stages of the journey, there’s a real sense that we’re all in this thing together. The coaches know you by name and it has been a pleasure to form long lasting friendships with other members – you definitely won’t find any egos here. The gym has an almost family or community feel and is incredibly welcoming, which definitely helps for the mornings where you’re struggling to find the motivation.

26 Sep

Emily Beck

Despite having been weights training consistently for at least 2 years, I had felt that my current training was starting to plateau and I needed to set some new training goals. Learning how to correctly perform Olympic lifts was a goal that I had always had not only as a training progression but for my own professional development and I felt that Ben's coaching would  allow me to achieve this goal.  

5 Sep

Rebecca Ringma

Since I started training at Movement Enhanced I have improved my physical and mental wellbeing.  Movement Enhanced has given me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and attempt different movements/weights that I didn’t know were possible.  Every week that I train at Movement Enhanced I am able to achieve training goals that I have set in place for myself because of the constant support and guidance available.

21 Aug

Tessa Bellantoni

I love the supportive and social environment. I would go to the commercial gym and no one would know who I was or even what my name was. Now, when I arrive at Movement enhanced I am always greeted at the door, I can warm up and train with my friends and feel like part of a fitness family. Whenever someone is attempting a PB or is struggling on those few last reps, there’s always someone there to give you some motivation to smash it out. It’s a place I can not only de-stress and get fit, it's somewhere I feel welcome and want to be, even when my motivation levels are low.

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