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What we can do for you?

Although our members have individual goals, they generally fall into one of these categories. We are confident that we can do the same for you!





Why train with us?

We provide personal training in a small group environment.

Our balanced training programs are formulated by University-qualified exercise professionals, to sustainably drop body fat, develop strength, improve flexibility and increase overall fitness.

Our training programs are highly sophisticated, but our philosophy for living a long, healthy and happy life is simple: train smart, eat wholefoods, prioritise recovery and surround yourself with likeminded people.

We believe in a safe and sustainable approach to strength and conditioning training.

Our training programs are constantly varied, appropriately periodised, specific to your personal training needs and always challenge you to be the healthiest, fittest and mentally strongest version of yourself.


Small Group Training Options.


Reduced Membership

$59 per week

Our reduced membership is perfect for those with a busy schedule but still want to be an integral part of our community. Limited access to three small group training sessions per week. .

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Unlimited Membership

$89 per week

Our unlimited membership is for those that want to fast track their results. Unlimited access to all 26+ training sessions per week with our expert coaches.

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Membership FAQs

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about training at Movement Enhanced.

How do I get started?

Simply send us an email or give us a call

Phone: 1300 938 495

Email: info@movementenhanced.com.au

What does a session involve?

Now while our programming is structured and periodised in 4 week blocks, our sessions generally follow this format:

Structured Warm Up - Before we start training we perform particular drills like trigger pointing, mobility and activation to prepare for the session ahead. This ensures we warm up correctly and stay injury free!

Strength - Our first component focuses on building strength through compound lifts. We focus on mastering the basics like squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press.

Accessory Strength - In this part we focus on exercises that compliment the compound strength exercise for the day. This may include unilateral exercises or isolation exercises.

Conditioning - This component is designed to develop the energy system we are focusing on. Basically we manipulate the work to rest ratio with a bunch of fun toys that will ramp up the heart rate and develop fitness.

How big are the small group sessions?

Our small group training sessions are capped at 12 clients to ensure you receive a high level of supervision and guidance from our coaches. In these sessions, you feel you are in a personal training session but you also have the added benefits of the group environment. Our sessions often include elements of team work which is one of the reasons we have such a strong community at Movement Enhanced.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Unlike many fitness facility, we DO NOT lock you into a contract. Our vision is to build a community of like minded people so it doesn’t make sense to us to lock you in if you don’t want to be there. We are open with our vision and if for some reason we are not a good fit, no hard feelings. Our members area allows you to pause or cancel your membership anytime however we just need 7 days notice prior to the commencement date.

What are the training times?

Click here to view our class timetable.

What does the timetable look like?

What to Expect


Week 1: Foundations

During your first week we book you in 2 x 1:1 Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced coaches. These sessions are on the house because we like to spend time teaching you our philosophy and ensure you feel comfortable with all the movements before you start our small group sessions.


Week 2: Small Group Training

Once you have completed your personal training sessions, you can start booking your small group sessions. In your first few weeks you will be given extra attention to ensure you develop the correct technique and get to meet the members of our community. 

Other Services.

Although small group training is what we are known for, we also offer a number of different services. 



$89 per SESSION

Find a more pure physical expression with the next level of private personal training; higher degree of accountability, more personalised attention, custom designed training programs and flexible training times.


Nutritional Consult


Body function and appearance is as much from how it's fuelled as it is from training effects! Our coaches work with you in a one hour consultation to build nutrition and recovery strategies around your goals. Sometimes the answer isn't actually to work harder, just smarter.


Corporate Packages


There is an abundance of data on the benefit of physical exercise for corporate productivity and output - so if you’d like to decrease work absences, scale up productivity and just generally have healthier employees for a happier working environment, this is for you.

Our Difference