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The Fitness Industry in 2018

Today I walked past an advertisement for a well known commercial fitness chain. The advertisement used “Train by yourself ” as one of the key points to market their campaign.

It started to make me think, in the last few years, why has there been a shift in the market and more and more boutique fitness facilities popping up?

Now while the traditional model works perfect for some, often people become unmotivated after a month and don’t achieve their fitness goals.

My take on this is as follows, the traditional model for a gym membership often does not meet peoples needs.

People need:

  1. Structure

  2. Accountability

  3. A motivating training environment

  4. Community

  5. Education

  6. Guidance

At Movement Enhanced, we find that our clients love the structure and accountability of our small group sessions. After a long day at work and young families at home, we find our clients love to just show up and for us to take care of the rest.

We design the warm up, we design the training program, we decide what weight they do and we decide how many meters they have to hit in our conditioning finishers. We take the thinking and guess work out of training. We just ask one thing of our clients - to show up and give a 100% effort.

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About Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is the Founder of Movement Enhanced. After first starting in the industry back in 2011, he has many years of experience in strength and conditioning. Ben is uniquely qualified as a soft tissue therapist and exercise scientist. He has traveled around the world to learn from the best in the industry and continues to develop his craft and skillset. Read More.

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