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5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Modified Strongman Training

by Ben Thompson

Modified strongman training takes traditional strongman equipment like sleds, tyres, logs and farmers carries and combines them with traditional lifts like squats, deadlifts and bench to make one big workout.

The workouts are designed in a circuit format with high volume work and minimal rest periods.

There are a number of benefits in performing this style of workout which are listed below.

1. Low Eccentric Load

One of the benefits of modified strongman training is there is less muscle breakdown than traditional strength training. The majority of strongman exercises are concentric only, meaning you limit the amount of muscle soreness you get from the workout.

"This is beneficial because you can use strongman training to increase your training frequency without overtraining."

For most people, performing 6 days of heavy lifting is too much. A way around this is performing 1-2 modified strongman workouts along with your regular 3-4 day strength program and not have too much interference.

If designed correctly, you can create a workout that gives you high metabolic stress with less muscle breakdown than a normal strength session.  This is great for fat loss and increasing work capacity.

2. Functional Strength

Although ‘functional’ is an over bastardised word in the fitness industry, strongman training does have a high carry over to every day activities. Lifting heavy objects off the ground, carrying awkward objects by your side or pushing a heavy weight are all tasks that are endured in everyday life.

"Modified strongman workouts build strength, making everyday tasks become easier!"

3. Posterior Chain Development

One of the great things about a Modified Strongman workout is the development of the posterior chain. The majority of our population are quad dominant and weak through their upper back.

Modified strongman training is a perfect way to help with this imbalance. Exercises like farmers carries, tyre flips, fat bar deadlifts and yoke walks are a great stimulus for the hamstrings, glutes, erectors and anterior core. Development of these areas is essential for developing good posture and staying injury free.

4. Fat Loss

Modified Strongman training is great for fat loss due to the high volume of work and short rest periods causing a large amount of lactate to be accumulated. Compared to aerobic training, these sessions create a lot more metabolic disturbance and lead to a greater increase in growth hormone. This means your body will continue to burn body fat for the next 24 hours post session.

5. Mental Resilience

Along with the physical benefits from modified strongman training, the improvement in mental resilience cannot be undermined. The sessions help develop strength and power, but also push you out of your comfort zone.

Pushing through long rounds with your teammates allows you to push boundaries that you didn’t think were possible. The competitive training environment can be likened to team sport which is a great motive to up your training intensity and get more out of your sessions.


We have included an example Modified Strongman workout. For this workout you will need two training partners. The format for the session is 5 x 8 minute blocks. In your team of 3, one person will work while the other two rest. Training in a team of 3 allows for a 1:2 work to rest ratio.

In your team, perform as many sets a possible in the time frame. Increase the weight each set.

A: 30 meter Farmers Carry

B: 6-8 reps Top 1/4 Squat to Pins @ 21X0

C: 4-6 reps Axle Bar Deadlift

D: 6-8 reps Log Push Press

E: 30 meter Bent Arm Sled March

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Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is the Founder of Movement Enhanced. After first starting in the industry back in 2011, he has many years of experience in strength and conditioning. Ben is uniquely qualified as a soft tissue therapist and exercise scientist. He has traveled around the world to learn from the best in the industry and continues to develop his craft and skillset.

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