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When we refer to the thoracic spine, we are talking about the portion of the middle back that runs from T1-T12. This is an area where many people experience stiffness as the majority of the activities we do on a day to day basis, are very anterior dominant.

The problem with stiffness in this area is, it limits thoracic extension and the ability to get our arms up over head. In some cases where the range is restricted to this area, the body will take the path of least resistance and compensate above or below the joint. Over time, if the problem is not addressed, this may lead to lower back, shoulder or neck pain.

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The Author - Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson is the Owner and Head coach of Movement Enhanced. He trains a wide range of clients with goals ranging from fat loss, strength, rehabilitation and athletic development. With a thorough understanding of the technical and theoretical components involved in training, he helps clients achieve their goals across these areas.


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