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How to Fix Your Tight Upper Back

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When we refer to the thoracic spine, we are talking about the portion of the middle back that runs from T1-T12. This is an area where many people experience stiffness as the majority of the activities we do on a day to day basis, are very anterior dominant.

The problem with stiffness in this area is, it limits thoracic extension and the ability to get our arms up over head. In some cases where the range is restricted to this area, the body will take the path of least resistance and compensate above or below the joint. Over time, if the problem is not addressed, this may lead to lower back, shoulder or neck pain.

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Hey guys, Ben here from Movement Enhanced. Today we're going to talk about the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the portion of the middle back that runs from T1 to T12. This is an area a lot of the population experience stiffens through as the majority of the activities we do are very anterior dominate. Now the problem with this is that we need a significant amount of thoracic extension to reach full shoulder flexion and get the arms up overhead. In a particular case where the thoracic spine is stiff we're going to compensate above and below the joint. Now what this may lead to is potential injury of the shoulder, neck of lower back if this is not addressed.


The position of the thoracic spine will dictate the function of the shoulder blades. What we see in the case of kyphotic posture is that we see the scapula anteriorly tilted and abducted. Now this may or may not affect every day fiction, however when the arms are lifted over head there is a chance the shoulder may impinge. The anterior tilt of the scapula will decrees the sub acromial space and over time increase the chance of a rotator cuff tear. We will now run though some ability exercises amid at improving thoracic extension and rotation.

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