In the current light of the COVID-19 crisis around the globe, it has certainly made us reflect and appreciate our awesome community. ⁣ ⁣

The number of kind and supportive messages we have received has been overwhelming. 

It’s times like this, that reinforce, that Movement Enhanced is more than just equipment in a warehouse…

After dozens of messages, we decided to make this resource on our top 6 tips to help out during this period. 

1. Member & Gym Hygiene 

More than ever, both personal and gym hygiene is the utmost importance. We ask you to take extra care and implement the following; train with a towel at all times, wipe down equipment with a spray bottles provided and wash your hands for at least 20 sec before and after training. 

2. Stay Calm & Remain Positive 

While we acknowledge the importance of this crisis,  let the gym be a space where we switch off from the drama in the world. We are constantly bombarded with media from the news, social media and work - so I'm sure you're sick of hearing about COVID-19 by now....

Make the gym a fun and supportive environment where you can have a laugh with your friends. Let's make the gym a positive place and minimize the drama from the outside world. 

Remember the gym is not just a place you improve your physical health, it's equally important for people's mental health too... 

3. Stay A Home If You Are Unwell 

If for some reason you are feeling unwell, please avoid coming to the gym. For the health and safety of the community, please respect the other members help minimise the risk of disease spreading. . 

If you have the common cold, please take a few days off the gym, rest up and get back to 100% before returning to the facility.  

In a time of uncertainly, people do not need the stress of worrying about other members coughing and sneezing around them in the gym. 

4. Refer A Friend 

While this is certainly is a tough period for everyone, it certainly won’t stop us. More then ever, it's time to support the local businesses you love.

It's been amazing having lots of members offer to help out around the gym, but the best way you can help us is help spread the word.

Refer a friend to join our community and keep our business thriving through this period. 

5. Business As Usual 

As simple as it sounds, continuing your membership and training as usual is one of the biggest ways you can help. If the current crisis has made us realise anything, our health is our biggest priority. 

Prioritise consistency in the areas of life you can, train 4x per week, sleep 8 hours per night, eat whole foods and take some time out for you

Control what you can control and take one day at a time. 

6. Buy Additional Services 

The final way to help out through this period is to buy additional services. This is not for our business alone, but all small businesses in general. 

Buy additional PT packages, nutrition consults, courses, merchandise and supplements. 

Outside of the gym, it may be continuing to support your local coffee shop, or favourite restaurants. 


We have been going 4 years strong and this is just a small speed bump along the way. ⁣

Let's RISE together and stay STRONG throughout this period!

BEN THOMPSON Director of Movement Enhanced

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Tony Smith wrote:
19 Mar '20 6:00am
As taxing as our sessions are I genuinely enjoy being immersed in the environment & culture you have created in your gym. They are a great group to be around with an inspirational leader guiding them. We will all do our bit to support you as it’s the least we can do in return.
Madison Wall wrote:
19 Mar '20 12:26am
Love this Benny!
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson replied with:
19 Mar '20 1:38am
Appreciate the support Mads!

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