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Training Method: 6-12-25 Protocol

by Ben Thompson

What is it? 

The 6-12-25 is a training method that was originally popularized by Charles Poliquin.

It’s great for improving body composition, stimulating hypertrophy and developing strength endurance.

The program utilizes tri-sets with no rest in between exercises and is a great way to get a very high volume of work done in a very short amount of time.

Traditionally this protocol was done for the same body part, eg. Chest, however it can also be adapted to specific movement patterns eg Upper Body Push. 

How does it work? 

The first exercise is generally the heaviest and most neurologically demanding. You’ll perform 6 reps, and rest 10 seconds before starting the next exercise. 

Examples of an appropriate A1 would be exercises like a Front Squat, Bench Press or Chin Up. 

The second exercise is slightly less taxing and at an intensity you can manage, 12 reps. You’ll then rest 10 seconds before starting the third exercise. 

Examples of an appropriate A2 would be exercises like a DB Reverse Lunge, DB Bench Press or DB Prone Row. 

The third exercise should technically be the least complex. It’s for 25 reps so it will be very metabolically demanding. 

Examples of an appropriate A3 would be exercises like a Goblet Squat, Push Up or Band Pull-Apart. 

Once complete, you’ll then rest 120-180 seconds between sets. The guideline is 3-5 sets depending on the goal of the session. 

Performing a session like this is HARD but extremely effective. 

Aim to perform a protocol like this for 3-4 weeks before changing your program. 

What are some examples?

Below are some example workouts you can try. For the purpose of this example we have broken these up into patterns but you could complete both a push / pull tri-set in a workout.

6-12-25 Upper Body Push

A1: Floor Press - Wide Grip 3 x 6 @ 21X0

A2: Seated DB Press - Neutral 3 x 12 @ 21X0

A3: Push Up 3 x 25 @ 1010

6-12-25 Upper Body Pull

B1: Chin Up - Neutral Grip 3 x 6 @ 20X0

B2: DB Prone Row 3 x 12 @ 21X0 

B3: Band Pull Apart 3 x 25 @ 1010

6-12-25 Lower Body Anterior

A1: Front Squat 3 x 6 @ 20X0

A2: Reverse Lunge 3 x 12 @ 20X0

A3: Goblet Squat 3 x 25 @ 1010

6-12-25 Lower Body Posterior

B1: BB Hip Thrust 3 x 6 @ 20X0

B2: DB Romanian Deadlift 3 x 12 @ 20X0

B3: KB Swing 3 x 25 @ 1010



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