18 Apr

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Modified Strongman Training [PROGRAM INCLUDED]

Modified strongman training takes traditional strongman equipment like sleds, tyres, logs and farmers carries and combines them with traditional lifts like squats, deadlifts and benches to make one big workout. The workouts are designed in a circuit format with high volume work and minimal rest periods. 

1 Apr

Stop Stretching Your Hamstrings [UPDATED]

Tight hamstrings seem to be at the forefront of complaints for a lot of people. This is not something we have statistics on, but after many years of coaching, I can confidently say, most people think their hamstrings are tight. The general consensus for most people is, when the hamstrings are tight they should be stretched. It makes sense right? 

31 Mar

3 Deadlift Tips for Beginners [UPDATED]

Similar to the squat, regular deadlift workouts will do wonders for the development of your overall strength and physique. Many trainees fear the deadlift, and past experiences may have left them terrified when waking up the next day wondering if they will ever be able to walk again.

6 Mar

How To Use A Weightlifting Belt [VIDEO]

A weightlifting belt can be a useful tool if you know how to use it correctly. The belt allows you to increase intra abdominal pressure, increasing stability leading to stronger and more stable lift. The key to using a belt correctly is learning how to breathe and brace correctly without it and then adding it in to your training.

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