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Sam Montague

1. What made you contact Movement Enhanced?

I came across a video on Facebook and was interested in the combination of mobility and strength training. I decided to look through the other content Movement Enhanced had and I got interested. I can honestly say that my assumptions were gladly confirmed after I had my initial consultation.

2. What was your training like before you started training with Movement Enhanced?

Before I started training at Movement Enhanced my training was sporadic, dysfunctional and inconsistent. Injury and a lack of motivation left my body weak and imbalanced which deterred me from getting into a consistent training regime.

3. What have you achieved since training with Movement Enhanced?

My lower back and shoulder pain have reduced significantly and are still improving. I have only been training for an 10 week period and I have seen a massive improvement in my strength and dropped just over 13kgs. I expect to continue to improve as my injuries and imbalances are managed and strengthened.

4. What do you like most about the training we do?

Training at Movement Enhanced is tailored to you. It’s not a cookie cutter program and is designed specific to your individual needs. The semi private sessions are with other clients who genuinely want to improve on their weaknesses, and who understand that everyone runs their own race. The saying "Rome wasn’t built in a day” couldn’t be more true. Whether you're an olympic lifter or a beginner with no experience, you’ll feel comfortable at Movement Enhanced.

5. What would you tell others about your experience at Movement Enhanced?

Movement Enhanced exemplifies building upon what you have and focusing on what you want to achieve, it’s all about you as an individual. At Movement Enhanced, they genuinely care about your progress and are enthusiastic about achieving results. Whether your goals are body composition, strength or rehabilitation, you need to book a consultation and find out where Movement Enhanced can take you.