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Kendall Stewart

1. What made you contact Movement Enhanced?

I had previously worked with Ben as a strength & conditioning coach and followed him when he moved to his new premise.

2. What was your training like before you started training with Movement Enhanced?

My training consisted of 3 days of cardio based bootcamps outdoors and 1 day of strength gym based workouts. I was looking for more specialist strength training

3. What have you achieved since training with Movement Enhanced?

My push pull strength has increased significantly and overall body composition has changed. My energy levels are better and overall outlook on training and achieving sustainable goals is more positive and accountable.

4. What do you like most about the training we do?
Ben offers a tailored and specialist program to achieve in a team environment.

5. What would you tell others about your experience with Movement Enhanced?

Ben is a knowledgeable trainer whose point of difference is specialist program writing to see measurable results. Movement Enhanced is a goal driven approach to training, where you are in the company of like minded individuals who train hard in a team built environment.