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Jordan Dozzi

1. What made you contact Movement Enhanced?

A family member of mine had been a member for a few months and wouldn't stop talking about how much Movement Enhanced had really helped him. Eventually I went along with him to a session, and have been a regular ever since.

2. What was your training like before you started training with Movement Enhanced?

I have been playing soccer at a semi-professional level, aspiring to become a full time professional. My training regime consisted of 4 sessions a week, basically all speed and fitness, with almost no strength training in a gym whatsoever.

3. What have you achieved since training with Movement Enhanced?

After training with Movement Enhanced for some time now, I have achieved various goals. Not only has my strength improved significantly from when I first started, I am feeling much happier with my body in terms of both how I look and how I feel.

4. What do you like most about the training we do?

What I enjoy most about the training at Movement Enhanced is the great social environment. This was massively important to me, as my entire adult life I have wanted to be a regular gym goer, but would always lose motivation after a short time, and eventually drop out. The team at Movement Enhanced didn't pressure me to attend sessions, they provided me with the environment to actually 'want' to go to the gym, want to be better, want to push harder, and as a result I now have changed my mind set from fearing the gym to craving it!

5. What would you tell others about your experience at Movement Enhanced?

I seriously believe that starting at Movement Enhanced will bring a whole new positivity and energy to anyone’s lifestyle, no matter what their fitness levels or age. Over recent years I've trained at numerous private and public gyms both casually and at a professional sporting level. You just can't get the quality that Movement Enhanced brings to your training experience anywhere else.