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Hamish Bell

1. What made you contact Movement Enhanced? 

I was training at a gym that closed down and was advised by the owner to contact Ben at Movement Enhanced as he had good things to say about him.

2. What was your training like before you started training with Movement Enhanced? 

My training was very inconsistent. I was incorporating strength training along with Olympic lifting and getting varied results.

3. What have you achieved since training with Movement Enhanced? 

Since I have started training, I have lost almost 9kg in 8 weeks. My flexibility has increased along with identifying technique problems in my compound lifts that were causing pain.

4. What do you like most about the training we do? 

What I like most about the training is the positive, friendly environment and the hands on approach to coaching. Ben ensures all his clients are supervised during each session ensuring everyone is performing the exercises with correct form and intensity.

5. What would you tell others about your experience at Movement Enhanced? 

So far it’s been a great experience. The gym is clean, modern and has great equipment. Ben has created an ego free, fun atmosphere that encourages social interaction with other clients and also offers free training sessions outside of the paid personal training which I think is great value. I would recommend Movement Enhanced for anyone looking to get into shape, maintain or for athletic performance.