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Philippa Dickey

1. What made you contact Movement Enhanced

I've trained with Movement Enhanced since its inception, having known Ben and his philosophy on training I knew it was going to be the place I wanted to train.

2. What was your training like before you started training with Movement Enhanced?

I did group circuit training/boot camps and intermittent strength training for years. I loved the group element and initially saw improvements in my fitness and strength but after a while I just found I want getting any better, and started to get niggling injuries.

3. What have you achieved since training with Movement Enhanced?

Initially I saw improvements in my mobility, technique and confidence which created a solid foundation to see ongoing improvement in strength. 2 years on and I still hit PBs on a regular basis, and have reached my goal weight - which I have been trying to get to for almost 10 years. Ben includes regular goal setting and tailors a program to ensure I reach them. I've made some great friends at Movement Enhanced and we have some healthy competition around our training.

4. What do you like most about the training we do? 

I love the small group strength training - it's a fun team environment where we still have access to personalised coaching but can all work on our individual programs. Strongman Saturday's are an awesome finish to the week - a tough session that's still strength based but adds variety to my training.

5. What would you tell others about your experience with Movement Enhanced?

If you are serious about bettering yourself this is the place to do it - irrespective of your starting point. Ben is so experienced and passionate about his coaching and every one of his clients is kicking goals. Ben has created a fun and motivating environment and we all feel like a supportive community that loves seeing new clients come on board.

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