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Blayze Sherry

Performance Coach

Blayze is a performance coach at Movement Enhanced. He has been a strength coach for over 5 years and during his time coaching he has had the opportunity to train a variety of clients, overseeing preparation and rehabilitation of world class and semi-professional athlete’s to weight loss and body composition clients. Blayze is an enthusiastic coach and he is passionate about bringing his theoretical and practical knowledge from his university degree into the field of semi-private strength and conditioning, performance and body composition training.

Blayze is a systematic and strategic thinker, striving to apply industry leading and evidence based practice to all of his clients to achieve exceptional results. Throughout his years of coaching Blayze has lived by one mantra “lead by example”. Blayze aims to get the best out of you, with a focus of mastery of the basics and skill acquisition of the fundamentals. All clients receive one on one experience with attention, with focus being placed on each person’s distinct journey to achieve their goals.