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Our Philosophy

Movement Enhanced is a boutique strength and conditioning gym in Brisbane’s inner-city suburb of Albion.

Our Philosophy

When it comes to training, we believe in a safe Strength and Conditioning approach that is constantly varied to be challenging and sustainable.

For nutrition, we assemble a wide variety of wholefoods; veggies, fruits, unprocessed carbs and quality protein.

For recovery, there is nothing more effective than starting with a solid night’s sleep.

And for social, we cap our classes, so you get to know each other and have a laugh. We also enforce a strict no-ego policy!

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We really care about our members achieving their health and fitness goals, which is why we are so deliberate in providing a structure and an environment that ensures everyone improves.

We provide personalised programming in a small group environment. Our programs are built by university-qualified exercise professionals to improve overall fitness, gain strength and lose fat.

Movement Enhanced is the place for people who want more than just the physical space. Our philosophy is what gets people in the door, our community is what keeps people coming back.

Our values

We can ALWAYS IMPROVE. Yes, we acknowledge success, but we are never complacent.

We act with PURPOSE. We move well and safely. When we lift, we are focused.

Training should be FUN. We enjoy the process as much as the results.

We are SUPPORTIVE of one another and protective of our culture.

Our Space

Movement Enhanced is a boutique strength and conditioning facility located in Albion, Brisbane. We specialise in helping regular people achieve extraordinary results.

Our programs are designed around developing strength, increasing fitness, dropping body fat and improving flexibility. We offer small group training and personal training to suit your training level, goals and injury history.

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