We are a boutique strength and conditioning facility that provide people with the structure and  accountability to reach their performance goals. We offer group classes, semi private personal training and personal training.

Our strength training philosophies have been developed using evidence based strength and conditioning principles combined with years of real world experience. Our studio is equipped with some of the best strength and conditioning equipment you can buy, with equipment from brands like Again Faster, Rogue and Australian Barbell Company. Some of our equipment includes, 3 international olympic lifting platforms, 2 power racks and a 20m sled track.



Ben Thompson

B.ExSc, B.BuS, ART™, PICP L2

Ben Thompson is the Owner and Head coach of Movement Enhanced. He trains a wide range of clients with goals ranging from fat loss, strength, rehabilitation and athletic development. With a thorough understanding of the technical and theoretical components involved in training, he helps clients achieve their goals across these areas.


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