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Unlimited Access to 35 Classes / Week
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At Movement Enhanced, we do simple well. 

We believe in progressive, Science-based training done with precision technique. 

Our 21 Day Experience is designed for you to see the difference and finally bust through your training plateaus.

We cap our classes to 14 people run by University Educated Coaches, and create a vibe like no other.

If you love to learn, connect and want to be a part of a tight-knit community, then join us for 21 days for just $97. 

The best part? There is absolutely no pressure to continue after the 21 days. 


Awesome place to train with super knowledgeable and friendly trainers. The place is super welcoming and the guys and girls in there are STRONG. Highly Recommend! 
Scott Ginnivan Member
Love training at ME! The coaches are really kind and helpful, the programming is great and the community even better. Highly recommend checking it out.
Madison Wall Member
I’ve been training with Movement Enhanced for a little over a year now and can’t rate them highly enough. As a Personal Trainer myself, I can really appreciate the quality of training and see them as the benchmark gym in Brisbane
Reese Williamson Member
I would go to the commercial gym and no one would  even what my name was. When I arrive at Movement Enhanced I am always greeted at the door, I can warm up and train with my friends and feel like part of a fitness family.
Tessa Bellantoni Member


Barbell Strength 
The majority of our sessions will start with a barbell lift. We focus on mastering the basics like squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press. These exercise are best for developing strength and building a strong foundation. 
Accessory Strength 
To compliment our barbell lift, we focus on accessory exercises to target weak points in the body. This is the time we correct imbalances with different types of unilateral and isolation exercises.
This component is designed to develop the energy system we are focusing on. Basically we manipulate the work to rest ratio with a bunch of fun toys that will ramp up the heart rate and develop fitness.


Contact Details

37 Nariel, St Albion, QLD 4010

0432 618 711

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