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Get Strong, Move Well, Feel Incredible.

At Movement Enhanced, we do simple well. 

We believe in progressive, Science-based training done with precision technique. 

Our 21 Day Experience is designed for you to see the difference and finally bust through your training plateaus.

We cap our classes to 15 people run by University Educated Coaches, and create a vibe like no other.

If you love to learn, connect and want to be a part of a tight-knit community, then join us for 21 days for just $97. 

The best part? There is absolutely no pressure to continue after the 21 days. 

Get Back On Track & Rebuld Your Strength.

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Take advantage of our 21 Day Experience and experience the difference: 

  • 21 Days Of Unlimited Group Training
  • World-class Coaching Experience
  • Unrestricted Access To 35+ Classes 
  • University Qualified Coaches
  • Nutrition Handbook 

Our training protocols are suited for beginners to advanced — we have the tools to consistently educate you and keep you progressing. 

Learn How To Get Strong Without Hurting Yourself. 


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Booking your first class with us is super simple! 

Step 1: Download MINDBODY from the App / Google Play Store.

Step 2: Find ‘Movement Enhanced’

Step 3: Purchase the intro offer '21 DAY EXPERIENCE' 

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