Why train at Movement Enhanced?


Movement Enhanced is a boutique strength and conditioning facility located in Albion, Brisbane.

We specialise in helping regular people achieve extraordinary results.

Our programs are designed around developing strength, increasing fitness, dropping body fat and improving flexibility. We offer small group training and personal training to suit your training level, goals and injury history.

We have extensive experience in coaching, working with those who have never trained before to those who compete at a professional level.

Most of all, we love coaching anyone who is ambitious and wants to become better than ever before!

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6 Mar

How To Use A Weightlifting Belt [VIDEO]

A weightlifting belt can be a useful tool if you know how to use it correctly. The belt allows you to increase intra abdominal pressure, increasing stability leading to stronger and more stable lift. The key to using a belt correctly is learning how to breathe and brace correctly without it and then adding it in to your training.

19 Feb

5 Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain [VIDEO]

A stiff or sore lower back is something the majority of us experience from time to time. When left unattended it can negatively impact on a persons day to day activities and quality of life. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people manage and relieve pain with the  simple drills shown below.

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