5 Sep

Rebecca Ringma

Since I started training at Movement Enhanced I have improved my physical and mental wellbeing.  Movement Enhanced has given me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and attempt different movements/weights that I didn’t know were possible.  Every week that I train at Movement Enhanced I am able to achieve training goals that I have set in place for myself because of the constant support and guidance available.

21 Aug

Tessa Bellantoni

I love the supportive and social environment. I would go to the commercial gym and no one would know who I was or even what my name was. Now, when I arrive at Movement enhanced I am always greeted at the door, I can warm up and train with my friends and feel like part of a fitness family. Whenever someone is attempting a PB or is struggling on those few last reps, there’s always someone there to give you some motivation to smash it out. It’s a place I can not only de-stress and get fit, it's somewhere I feel welcome and want to be, even when my motivation levels are low.

2 Aug

Slaven Drinovac

The environment is very welcoming and relaxed and I have found it easy to get to know the people who train at the same time. Apart from the comradeship, the customised training program that has been developed for me is another thing I like about Movement Enhanced. The program has helped me increase my range of movement, improve my technique, and strength levels. I am particularly happy with the progress that I have made with deadlifts and squats.

30 Jul

Philippa Dickey

If you are serious about bettering yourself this is the place to do it - irrespective of your starting point. Ben is so experienced and passionate about his coaching and every one of his clients is kicking goals. Ben has created a fun and motivating environment and we all feel like a supportive community that loves seeing new clients come on board.

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