6 Sep

5 Exercises for Tight Hip Flexors

When we refer to the hip flexors, we are talking about the muscles that lie on the front of the hip that are used in activities like sprinting and kicking. They function by flexing the hip, flexing the trunk and stabilizing the pelvis. Extended periods of sitting causes these muscles to tighten which can lead to poor posture and lower back pain.

3 Sep

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Modified Strongman Training

Modified strongman training takes traditional strongman equipment like sleds, tyres, logs and farmers carries and combines them with traditional lifts like squats, deadlifts and benches to make one big workout. The workouts are designed in a circuit format with high volume work and minimal rest periods. 

22 Jun

Why You Should Be Using The Hook Grip

The hook grip is a technique used to grip the barbell that will allow you to tolerate greater loads when compared to the double overhand grip. It is essential to control the bar at the explosion of the hip in the snatch and clean but can also be used for the deadlift.

14 Jun

How to Fix Your Tight Upper Back

When we refer to the thoracic we are talking about the portion of your middle back the runs from T1-T12. This is an area that a lot of the population will experience some stiffness through as majority of the activities we do are very anterior dominant.

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